Manufacturer Of Hotel Soap Stamping Machine In Ameland Netherland

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Manufacturer of Hotel Soap Stamping Machine in Ameland Netherland

FusionTech International is One of the most Reputed Manufacturer of Hotel Soap Stamping Machine, kindly arrange to check more about our product on

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The key Features of Hotel Soap Stamping Machine are;

> Quick replacement of the Die set

> can be Linked to wrapping Machine

> Design Speed from 27-45 Stroke Per Minute

> Can be linked to Cutting Machine

> Moulds can be customized as per preferences

> Low Electricity consumption

> Easy availability of the Spares


Q: Do I need compressor, If I buy stamping machine?

A: If your stamping machine is demanding pneumatic assistance, you must need air compressor single cylinder or double sylinder for your soap stamping machine.

Q: I am looking for italian or chinese soap stamping machine, where can I get quality soap stamping machine?

A: Yes, italian soap stamping machine are old and known for their quality on other hand china's chinese soap stamping machine is replication of italian version but when you compare price with performance, our Fusiontech's Indian Soap stamping machine is stand out a leader in the market, we also do wrapping machine, so the Soap Cutting machine, soap stamping machine and Soap wrapping machine can be combinded as per your requirement. We have various options and our price of stamping machine is also cheaper compared to italian and chinese.

Q: I need to print on soap bar cake?

A: Everyone of us wants to print their brand or name on the product we make manufacture, soap is one of the most delightful product. There are many people who make Hand made soaps, they put their name on the lable which they hand pack, where as professioanl and commecial producer wants to put their brand name on the soap. To give a soap Brand name and shape, it must needs to stamp or Press (print). The customised mould will be required for the same. Fusiontech's Soap Stamping Machine gives you immence comfort to stamp your logo or company name on the soap without any troubnle. our Soap Satamping Machine is automatic and ease to handle.

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Manufacturer of Hotel Soap Stamping Machine in Ameland Netherland

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