Supplier Of Laundary Soap Stamping Machine In Amersfoort Netherland

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Supplier of Laundary Soap Stamping Machine in Amersfoort Netherland

FusionTech International is Renowed Supplier of Laundary Soap Stamping Machine, kindly arrange to check more about our product on

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The key Features of Laundary Soap Stamping Machine are;

> All Contact parts Stain-less Steel  (SS304)

> cavity based  Automatic with Pneumatic Function and Critical parts

> Easy to Operate and Maintain

> Gives Accurate Shape and Exact printing

> Heavy Duty Model

> Standard Spare Parts

> Customised Design


Q How can I Cut the Soap Bars precisely, with needed length?

A: Fusiontech's Soap Cutting machine enchances your requirement by precisely cut the soap bar coming out from the plodder, to feed the Soap Stamping Machine. The controller on the Cutting machine gives liberty to cut the soap bar with ease and precisly,

Q: What is the price of Soap Stampiing Machine?

A: Well, price is always not the measuring criteria but at the same time it is very important. Our FusionTech's Soap Stamping Machine's price is not as expensive as other Italian and Chinese machines, we have got the best price at most durable quality with globally proven technology.

Q: I need to give my soap Lux Soap kind Look, my soap is noodle base, how can I mold my soap?

A: Molding is complicated process if you do not have proper tool. You can not just hand punch soap with simple mould. Althrough you have die, still you need propre process to follow while you do soap stamping. Our Fusiontech's Soap Stamping Machine is equipped with features, such as while it gets mold, the chiller will cool up the soap with the help of brine chiller (-25 degree celcious), once it get chilled the soap's mechanical strength will increase. AFter the soap moulding process done, the pneumatic incerts in the die set will pop the soap out of the die. The poped out soap bars will be immidiately caught by the vaccum cups synchronised with the operation to pick the soap from the die set and put it on the conveyor; the moulded finish soap bars willbe feeded to the soap wrapping machine to get the final packing done.

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Supplier of Laundary Soap Stamping Machine in Amersfoort Netherland

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