Supplier Of Lux Type Soap Wrapping Machine In AlphenaandenRijn Netherland

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Supplier of Lux type Soap Wrapping Machine in AlphenaandenRijn Netherland

FusionTech International is One of the Most Trusted Supplier of Lux type Soap Wrapping Machine, kindly arrange to check more about our product on

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The key Features of Lux type Soap Wrapping Machine are;

> Easy to Operate and Maintene

> Multiple sizes can run, Data Can be stored.

> Ready to fit Change Parts in no time

> Equipped with Safety features

> Automatic Wrapper and Stiffner length Correction

> Easy to Operate and Maintain

> Customized designed keeping your Soap and Wrapper designed in consideration


Q: Can we use bio degradable materials to pack soaps as my government authories are particular about environment safety?

A: Yes,  we can use Bio degredable materials like papers, Specialise Film instaed of non recyclable and toxic plastics, which is polluting the entier globe; World is no more in love with plastic, so we have to find new way to get rid of the mono use such packing solutions. We design our machine in such a way that the futuristic Packing solution can be served with effectivness and efficiently.

Q: Can a soap packing machine used for packing other products too? Specify some?

A: Other then Soaps, you can pack cosmetics, chocoltaes, bakery items etc but you need different machines for your product. We can provide you customise packing solutions depending upon your requirements

Q: How can I bundle the packed or naked soaps?

A: Once the packing / wrapping is done, sometimes we required to bundle the soap, we have couple of solutions for that; you can even do side taping on both the side and stick the number of soap bundle you want or else your desiered soap matrix like 2x3, 3x3 can be packed in our Over Wrapping Machine.


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Supplier of Lux type Soap Wrapping Machine in AlphenaandenRijn Netherland

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